Thursday, November 18, 2010


The following posts are advent devotionals aimed at putting the "Christ" into "Christmas." Our family has enjoyed these activities year after year and I hope yours will too. The tabs at the top of the page will help you get started and the blog entries will guide you through a fun 25 days of sharing Christ with your kids. Enjoy your own Christmas Adventure!

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  1. Dear Lana,
    Since you presented this idea at our Mom's group 3 years ago, my family has enjoyed this project. We don't always complete every item, and we have modified it in several ways to suit our very young family and our heritage. A few examples: We tried Christmas in Germany instead of Mexico, since we have German heritage. We are trying play doh instead of real cookies on the "we are teh dough" day. We are making items and visiting a nursing home to "share our gifts." I have also swapped an activity for a visit to a farm to show the children how cold and rustic a place where animals live would be. We've watched old family videos instead of looking at baby photos, and I've also scheduled a time to visit the hospital where they were born to contrast the farm visit. We aren't crazy about candy canes, so we will either make peppermint milkshakes out of them or bake candy cane cookies. Like your family, our children recognize the box immediately when it comes out of the attic. My 5-year-old was so excited to see the box today, because we've been doing it since he was 2. The 2-year-old pulls from his excitement. I think this will be the best year yet, and regardless of the execution of the activities, they are learning about the love of Christ! Thank you for sharing with us a few years ago, and thank you for sharing with others through this blog. You are helping to spread the Gospel one "advent"ure at a time!

    In His Hands,
    Jamee Boozer
    Stoystown, PA