A little history...

This project began in our home during the Christmas season of 2003. Our local moms group invited a speaker to share about the "Box of Blessings" her family enjoyed during the holidays. I loved the idea of putting Christ in the center of our Christmas and took hold of the idea immediately. The Box of Blessings was originated and written by Wenda Coburn. Her website: www.wendacoburn.com is quite extensive, but I can no longer locate "The Box of Blessings" document that I ordered from that site a few years ago.

After our first year with Wenda Coburn's "Box of Blessings," I was hooked on family advent activities. However, because I am a lover of the Christmas season, I changed many of the devotionals written by Wenda to showcase traditions of the holiday. So, this "Adventure Box" is my remake of Wenda Coburn's original "Box of Blessings." Her idea inspired me, but the advent activities here are much different than those featured in Coburn's "Box of Blessings." Coburn's focus on the character and life of Christ is quite different than our box's use of Christmas stories and traditions that all point to Jesus Christ.

I have great hope in Christ and love to share that hope with my kiddos. I can't help but to share this idea with you and want you share it with others. You are welcome to add comments that are helpful to other users, or maybe add an idea of your own. I think you will find that each year, as your kids change, your activities may change a little too. That is how the Adventure Box has worked with our family. Please share with us what is effective in sharing Christ with your children.