Getting Started!

To start your own Adventure Box, you'll need one large box with a removable lid. I have found many ideal sized boxes for this project at our local print shop. Turns out reams of paper come in large boxes with removable lids:)

I've wrapped our box in Christmas paper, which the kids immediately recognize when I pull it out every November. I do replace the bow every year, although this one looks pretty perky even after 11 months in the basement. I've found that most of the gifts needed for the activities can be used year after year. The box makes a great storage place for these reusable gifts!

A list of materials can be found on this blog. The materials needed are typical Christmas items that you may already have or will be buying during the holiday season. I simply wrap each gift, then number the gifts to correspond with the devotions. This makes it easier if I decide to skip a day or rearrange the order to fit our schedule. After the materials are gathered and wrapped, I place them in the box.

*Small disclaimer here: the Shoaf family rarely completes each activity every December. I usually pick the ones most important to me and complete those first. One more thing... although it is ideal to wrap all the gifts before December 1st, I am rarely organized enough to do that. If you must wrap day-by-day, know that you are in good company:)