List of Materials

Adventure Box Materials:

Date---Topic---Items Needed

December 1---"The Gift"---A wrapped box with removable lid

December 2---The Census---A package of Skittles candy

December 3---The Stable---Unbreakable nativity stable and animal figurines (and manger, if separate)

December 4---Joseph and Mary---Unbreakable nativity figurines of Joseph and Mary

December 5---Baby Jesus---Unbreakable nativity figurine of baby Jesus

December 6---Shepherds and Angels---Unbreakable nativity figurines of shepherds and angels

December 7---The Magi---Unbreakable nativity figurines of three "wise men" and nativity's star (if you have one)

December 8---Family Skit---Bible time costumes (towels, bands, robes, etc.)

December 9---Let the Children Come---baby photos of each child

December 10---"Surprise Ride!" (Let your light shine)---A note or set of keys

December 11---Pass the Blessing---Large bag of M&M's

December 12---Legend of the Candy Cane---Candy Canes

December 13---Peace on Earth---Angel

December 14---Christmas in Mexico---Board of sturdy book

December 15---"Surprise Ride!" (Tell us your story)---A note or set of keys

December 16---Legend of the Christmas Tree---Ornament for each child

December 17---Advent---Strips of construction paper

December 18---Saint Nicholas---Socks with a few pieces of candy in each

December 19---Family Prayer Journal---small (4"x6") photo album

December 20---The Cross---small cross of any kind

December 21---"Surprise Ride!" (Songs of blessing)---A note, or keys, or CD of your favorite Christmas music

December 22---Thankful---Paper, pens, markers

December 23---He is the Baker, we are the dough!---Cookie cutter. (Also needed: cookie dough or pre-baked cut-out cookies and cookie decorations)

December 24---The Christmas Story---Popcorn and a Christmas movie

December 25---Christ the Lord is born!---Bible